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Civil Society Organizations

A Steering Committee, consisting of donors, partner countries, development partners, civil society and farmers groups, governs GAFSP. The Committee provides strategic direction to the multilateral financing platform and approves projects, proposed by countries. The committee members jointly make decisions by consensus.

The civil society community were instrumental in creating new funding for farmers groups or producer organizations in 2021. They have also played an important role in guiding the inclusion of wider climate principles, including agroecology, into GAFSP’s future projects.

The Steering Committee includes three CSO seats:

  • One producer organization in Africa
  • One producer organization in Asia
  • One civil society organization in OECD countries



Mr. Ibrahima Coulibaly
President, Réseau des Organisations Paysannes & de Producteurs de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (ROPPA)

Created in 2000, ROPPA is an initiative specific to farmers' organizations and agricultural producers in West Africa.

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Ms. Shazada Begum
Chairperson, Asian Farmers' Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA)

Established in 2002, AFA is a regional alliance of national federations and organizations of small scale women and men farmers and producers.

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ActionAid USA

Ms. Alberta Guerra Senior Policy Analyst,
ActionAid USA

ActionAid is an international network building a just, equitable, and sustainable world in solidarity with communities on the frontlines of poverty and injustice.